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PPC Company in Tirupati

When you’re running a business on the Internet or Keeping an Online profile across all different platforms, creating your content achieve many individuals can be difficult. Establishing your internet presence and driving new traffic can be as hard as running the business itself. Paid online marketing utilizing PPC is a way to solve that issue and help you drive the attention of your prospective audience to your website.

 We do regularised advertisements to prospects Simply by taking An influence over your price to direct traffic to your websites radically. Our bidding against other advertisers in a private sale obtained by our support earnings your scaling and success.

 Paid adverts make you visible on line in the form of text and Image ads. SEM is composed of numerous services such as Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, PPC, CPC advertisements and more particular factions of paid search advertising including retargeting, geotargeting and enhanced campaigns. Chota Digital provides complete support for SEM and make sure that your ads reach out to the ideal audience to get you more yields.

What is PPC?

 PPC stands for Pay-per-click. This expression is used to signify A payment model of internet marketers. In accordance with the model, the advertiser has to pay certain amount whenever the advertisement is clicked. Really, it’s a method to buy visitors to your site rather than getting them.

Why PPC is So Important

Fastest Method

 SEO gives promised results but it might take around 3 months to 1 year to generate leads.

 Top ROI

 If utilized properly, PPC gives high ROI that also very fast. By way of instance, You spent some 10 Rs per click in PPC ad and that click provides an 1000Rs of sale. Woo-hoo! , you’ve 100x on ROI.

 This is the energy of PPC advertising.


 PPC comes with the biggest benefit of retargeting. You can Retarget people who have shown interest on your product/service.

 Brand awareness

 PPC ads can provide an excellent brand awareness of your Company with lower cost. Also, you will be charged only for clicked ads so all the additional impressions can provoke brand consciousness to some Fantastic exten

OUR PPC Services

When you are new to search engine marketing, It’ll Be very Hard to know which sort of advertisements will work for your company and which strategy will induce you more visitors. Here, we have explained the different types of PPC ads that you may consider for your business and we can help.

Search Ads
Search ads are the most common kind of advertisements. You can view these ads most of the time that you search for anything online. Sponsored websites appear on the top and the bottom of the Results page. Search advertisements are labelled with an “Ad" text to indicate it Is a paid advertisement. Search advertisements involve text and link.
Display ads
Display ads are ads that you see anyplace within a website. These ads are shown on Google partnered websites. You can target your ads to people who are interested in your own Product and also to those who have visited similar websites. Display advertisements generally have attractive images and texts to Capture the reader's attention.
Social advertisements
Pay-per-click advertising has been adopted by top Paid ads that appear across all social programs come under social ads. Social ads are very successful because about 91 percent of societal Media users get them from their cellular phones. This is a huge advantage for advertisers. Because people who are Looking for “restaurants close me" From cellular are more likely to take action instantly than people that are searching the same term from a laptop or desktop computer.
Remarketing advertisements
Remarketing is an extremely beneficial element in PPC marketing. Remarketing is a PPC characteristic that allows us target people who have been subjected to our merchandise. This viewer is a group of people who are interested in our Product/ event/ support. By appropriate retargeting and remarketing this potential Audience can be converted into customers.
Google shopping
Google shopping advertisements are another type of paid advertisements that are Very effective for merchandise advertising. These ads are represented in a carousel format plus they give A synopsis of similar goods from various sites. Google shopping advertisements Supply a digital platform to perform window-shopping. It allows a user to navigate through all of the products, assess Customer reviews, compare and pick the most suitable choice.
Gmail sponsored promotions
Gmail sponsored promotions are a great way to promote your Company in a person's inbox. These ads can be targeted in a potential audience, and also be personalized. Gmail promotional mails appear on the top of the inbox on Telephones and desktop. Promotional ads have an “Ad" tag prior to the topic line. Personalized emails with proper formatting and an appealing Subject line have a tendency to have a higher click rate and open speed. This Is a Superb way to drive new people to Your Site by Giving them all of the details in the email.

Our Google Adwords Services – Redefining Strategies, Maximizing Reach

  •  We start off by setting up an exclusive PPC account just for you.
  •  Find the right targeted keywords.
  •  Customise your landing page to boost conversion rates.
  •  Design advanced ads to generate clicks.
  •  Implement smart bidding strategies to Take Advantage of your
  •  Monitor advertisements to prioritise, appraise and evaluate their performance.
  •  Give you a thorough report of conversion monitoring.

Our Progressive PPC Approach Which Makes Us Distinct

  •  Perfectly planned project for a hassle-free approach.
  •  We provide a monumental increase in brand awareness.
  •  We use a targeted way of making an Perfect strategy for Your own website.
  •  We offer routine analytical reports to track the progress.
  •  We offer you with unbridled technical support.
  • We provide relentless optimisation on social media platforms.
  •  Our PPC services fit any budget and business to a T!
  •  We offer maximum yields for minimal expenses.

Ads that are relevant to your viewer’s attention and Attract them in a creative unforgettable manner have a fantastic chance of driving traffic and earnings. Do not feel overwhelmed. We are here in order to make this all super easy for you. Fix a budget for your ad campaign and trust us with it.Rankraze’s marketing team will utilize it in the most efficient way possible to drive more leads and conversions to your business in your budget.

How we are unique from others?

· No fake promises

· On time delivery of support

· Weekly report

 · Utmost transparency

 · Reasonable pricing

 · Excellent customer support

 · PPC expert support at anytime

 · Continuous campaign tracking & optimization

 · Low price per click